FTM, your maritime partner

Our commitments

A custom-made boat

For over 10 years, we respond successfully to the demands of our customers for made-to-measure aluminium ships, adapted to the numerous professional and regulatory constraints of each industry.


In close cooperation with the end customer, and after defining precise specifications, we endeavor to provide appropriate technical solutions, consistent and proven.


To deliver to each client ITS ideal boat!

Quality at the best cost

Working in the maritime environment for a long time, we know better than anyone the financial constraints of our customers.

Financial constraints never to force a client to sacrifice quality - which is a guarantee of satisfaction and increased productivity - we deliver remarkable ships due to a thoughtful design, well-constructed, built by highly skilled workers and technicians, under the technical supervision of the naval architect directly on the production site.

In an ever-changing economy, where "waiting" is no longer permitted, we offer the best quality, the best solution at the best price !

A global solution

Trusted partner in the maritime sector, we manage the entire shipbuilding service:


- Definition of the project with the client

- Naval architecture with 3D views

- Ship building

- Continuous quality control

- Regulations' monitoring

- Administrative support

- Sea trials at the shipyard

- Approval/Certification

- Secured international transport

- Reception and launching

- Delivery to the final customer


Your vessel is delivered "turnkey" !