What we offer

A global offer in shipbuilding

To streamline our offer, we manage the entire shipbuilding process - from design to commissioning.

This allows us to reduce the time and control the whole chain, and thus constantly improve the quality and customer satisfaction !


The project always starts with a meeting: our stand in an international fair (see the blog to follow us), in our offices in Dalian (China) or near Marseille (France).


We then proceed together to define the project, step by step.


Based on our past achievements, we establish precise specifications, with complete & detailed quotation.


Our naval architect starts designing the ship, with the first sketches.


3D views allow the customer to visualize the future ship, and provide - if needed - the last modifications or adjustments.


A complete book of drawings, as well as stability book, including a summary of the corresponding stability tests, will be delivered to the customer at the end of construction.


Ship construction starts quickly after signing the contract.

The schedule is clearly defined and presented to the customer.


The project manager, in permanent contact with the naval architect, oversees operations.

Technicians and workers are already busy cutting and welding the first subassemblies.


Quality control is permanent throughout ship building.


Our ships are designed and built according to the regulations in force in the country of delivery.


We provide full administrative support to all our projects.


We assure relations with the authorities and administrations of the country of delivery.


The boat is launched and all equipments tested at quay.

The engine manufacturer proceeds to the commissioning of engine (s).

Sea trials are made.


Scheduled visits (authorities, classification society, etc.) are performed.

The customer is asked if he wishes to visit the shipyard for testing.


The ship is officially approved and "available" for delivery to end customer.


The ship is prepared for transport.


A cradle specifically designed for the project is made.


The ship, once fully secured and controlled by our teams, is ready for transport.


At destination, the ship is controlled, then launched.


Our teams can - at the customer's request - be present on site during the reception.


Our technicians then conduct the checks, re-assembly (antennas, small structures, various equipments ...) and then final re-startup for delivery to the client.